Another week + weekend of no drinking. YAY! These days weeks are no problem. But on the weekends, especially when J is at work, I start doing the “well, one drink won’t hurt me” dance. There was a brief flash on Saturday afternoon, and a little twinge on Sunday morning, but thankfully, I kept myself crazy-busy both days, so I forgot about booze pretty quick.

That said, according to my fitbit, I’ve lost 15 pounds in two months. 😮  I know I won’t be so lucky in the following two, being that I’m finally back at the lower end of “normal” weight. But Oooh, those little numbers have a hold on me. As much as I want to (and sometimes do), I don’t weigh myself each day, because blah blah water weight blah discouraging. So two-three days btwn. weigh-ins.

I’m reading this book, “Safety in Numbers: From 56 to 221 Pounds”. It’s a memoir of a young woman and her struggle with an eating disorder. Overall, it’s ok, and while I understand it’s her story, she really sounds like a piece of garbage while in the hospital in recovery. Just pages and pages of a grown-ass woman consistently throwing out food and trying to sneak things past the people who are there to help her get well. And when she gets caught she constantly throws tantrums. Zzzz. Giving off a real spoiled brat vibe. I’ll keep it up for a few more chapters but if the remaining 75% of the book is like this, then I’ll have wasted my time.

Anyway. Another work week. The weather is beautiful. I’m energized and excited and feelin’ good! As I was getting ready this morning I was once again thankful for my sobriety. Mondays used to be absolutely painful, with me doing my best to swallow my hungover nausea on the train into work. I’d often have to stop at 7am to grab a half-pint of vodka to stop the shakes, and then grab an egg McMuffin to indulge my craving for fat and calories. Gross, gross, gross. Booze = pointless.

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  1. thebongoroom says:

    I’m really happy for you Lily! You are doing great and, best of all, feeling great. Enjoy the clear headed, healthy, energized summer ahead! L

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