My Motivation.

Last night right before I went to bed I felt a headache coming on. Then all last night I had dreams of having a headache. And then when I woke up WIDE AWAKE at 2am, I still had a headache. And lo and behold, I currently still have a headache. I feel like absolute dog shit. I wasn’t drinking but I felt like I may as well have been. It’s frustrating waking up to a gorgeous new day feeling horrible.
Regardless, it makes me think of the maaaaaaaany, many, many times I woke up feeling like this, thanks to boozing the day/night before. I usually drank around the same amount most weeknights but some days I’d feel fine-ish in the morning and other days I’d feel absolutely horrible. Like, making myself puke before I left the house and sitting on the train on the way to work focusing on things like the latch on my purse, not moving an inch in hopes to not vomit (or feel like I was going to crap myself) before getting into the office. FUN FUN FUN. BOY I SURE MISS THAT. </sarcasm>

I’m forever fascinated how I just ALLOWED alcohol to do that to me more often than not, for YEARS on end. The power of that poison, mentally and physically, is downright scary. And that’s something I continue to remind myself of. No, no, no. No good. Bad stuff. I hope to never have another hangover for the remainder of my (hopefully long) life.

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I'm a mess.
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