It’s a sunny, slightly warm-ish Saturday and I’m bored and restless and a bit cranky. I already went out for my long walk to soak up some sun. I have all of our meals planned for next week, groceries done, pharmacy done, and I just don’t know what to do with myself. I guess I don’t feel like doing *anything*. I hate when even a movie or comic books doesn’t interest me. I’m kind of sulking around the house and feeling sorry for myself. Meh. Alcohol has crossed my mind more than once today but I know I’m not going to go…there. But boy, is it an easy “fix” when one is bored. It was sooooo easy to walk down the street, buy a bottle of wine and then park in front of the TV for a few hours in “the olden days”. Granted, I would feel even LESS motivated come Sunday, but whatever. Just grab another bottle and relieve Sunday boredom!

This is actually my first weekend in the oh, six or so sober weekends I’ve had so far where I haven’t felt all energetic and excited and ready to get shit done. Now….meh. I felt this boredom creeping in on my way home from work last night, too. I knew it was going to hit soon enough. Feh.

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2 Responses to Bored.

  1. AuntieLex says:

    Bored is ok. We get so accustomed to chaos our minds forget that bored is better than drunk.

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