Eight Days a Week.

So today is Day Eight. Haven’t had a full week of sobriety in many, many moons. And I’m feeling pretty good.

Yesterday was a tough and beyond frustrating day at work. At one point I was so fed up I got my first real, HARD craving for booze. I just wanted to trot down the street, stop by a 7-Eleven and ruin the last seven days. Instead I excused myself, went into a stall in the bathroom and played Two Dots on my phone for a few minutes to just Calm.The.Fuck.Down. And yay, it worked. Gross to take my phone into the bathroom, but whatev. I often hear ladies talk ON their phones while in stalls. Sorry, but ew.

Anyway. Last night while journaling before bed I started wondering if my little pink cloud was already fading. This morning after I popped out of bed full of energy and NOT hungover, I was happy to realize the cloud is still there.

Overall, my moods have been wonderfully stable (I suppose the Lamictal can finally now do its job), and yeah, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m even feeling less anxious about next week’s trip. Just knowing I won’t have to hide vodka in a water bottle or be all secret/shady, or forget what I’ve said the night prior, etc. etc. etc. Sounds like after years I’ll be on vacation and actually be able to ENJOY the vacation. Wow, what a mind-blowing concept. ❤

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3 Responses to Eight Days a Week.

  1. thebongoroom says:

    Lily, you sound Awesome! You’ve got this and I’m so happy for you.

    My road has been rocky – not too self destructive, but I know I can do better. On day five today. I feel pretty good. However, I also have a vacation coming up and it is worrying me. Let’s hope we can both make it through dry. 😊

    I really hope you don’t think I’m a weird stalker lady. I rarely check in, but when I do, it seems to almost always coincide with a recent post from you. Weird.
    All the best,


    • LilyQuits says:

      Hey L! Thank you!
      Big congrats on day 5 (or hopefully today is day 7)! When is your vacation coming up?
      And no, I don’t think you’re a weird stalker lady. Seems like we actually have quite a bit in common, and I believe in positive coincidences!
      Hang in there and kick booze’s ass! 🙂


      • thebongoroom says:

        Hi Lily! I’m heading to the Caribbean in three weeks. Total danger zone. Do you hear the sirens? I can hear them already. Planning ahead, working on supportive self talk, and visualizing to get me through sober.
        Day 11!
        All my best, L

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