Well, Hello There.

Wow. Not only have I not posted since mid-August, I haven’t had an alcohol-free day since mid-September. Not every day was getting drunk, but yep, at least one drink for approximately…holy shit, after doing the math…153 DAYS.  omg. How gross is that?

So today has been five days and overall, it’s been ok this time around. Will it be my last time quitting? God knows. I pray it is, but only time will tell. I feel more motivated than I did last time, and I’m doing All The Things. Seeing my counselor, back on Campral 3x/day, exercising, journaling, and am working on not being so critical and hard on myself.

Also happening this time around is MASSIVE HOUSEKEEPING. Yesterday I spent a good four hours cleaning the house from top to bottom, then attacked the ‘home office’ which has become more of a ‘big storage room’ the past year or so. I threw out so much junk, rearranged furniture, and was on my hands and knees, scrubbing the hell out of the floor. It now looks *fantastic*. I’ve walked back there a couple times yesterday just to admire my handiwork. Hah.

The weather here has been absolutely, wonderfully insane for the past week or so. Hitting 65-70 degrees in Chicago in FEBRUARY. I’ve been out walking for an hour each morning and just soaking in the sun and fresh air and the birds and omg so awesome. When the real weather hits again it will suck, but I’m thankful for these gorgeous few days.

We’re going on vacation next week and this has me a bit concerned. We’re taking a two-day train trip out to Seattle, then five days of hanging out with friends. My better half doesn’t drink (YAS! THIS IS SO HELPFUL!) but the friends do. I’m not worried about being pressured, but it’s going to be a little trying just having the booze around me. Bleh.

Anyway. There’s my novel. Mostly for me to look back upon, but hopefully not too boring for anyone who stumbles across this. 🙂

Happy Monday!


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