Well, Glad That’s Finally Done.

I’m an introvert. I started drinking ‘back in the day’ for the same ol’, same ol’ reasons. I was approaching my 20’s and I felt I’d be missing out on SO MUCH of this important time in my life if I didn’t socialize as much as I could. I still deeply cared what other people thought of me. Being that a “crowd” of say, four people is already too much for me, so enter alcohol and it’s cunning ways of making you think you’re so much more fun and outgoing and woooh!
I’m almost glad for some of the black-outs I’ve had over the years. I’ve done some really, really, REALLY stupid shit.

Anyway, this weekend my boyfriend’s parents hosted a large Mother’s Day party. Final tally was maybe 30ish people. While I was uncomfortable at times, I also had some good laughs (and plenty of great food). And hey, it was a lot of fun to actually remember all of it. On the two-hour drive home, Jason told me a couple times how much fun he had and thanked me for the lovely day. And it really WAS a lovely day. ❤


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