Oh, the Brain of an Addict.

I’m beyond happy to report that I had a completely 100% alcohol-free weekend. And I didn’t miss it as much as I expected I would. Also a weekend free of weed and binge-eating. Go me!

After a Sunday morning panic attack (what a way to start the day) over the thought of having to be in a room with 60+ people later in the day, all I wanted to do was cry and stay in bed all day, but J and I ended up reaching a compromise where I would still go down to his parents during the day, we’d all have lunch and a nice afternoon together. Then the three of them would head to the party and I would stay back and pet-sit their two dogs and five cats. Not like they really needed to have someone watch them for 3-4 hours, but nothing like some quiet time with big, fluffy puppehs and hot tea and a fire in the fireplace. J and I were in real great spirits on the drive home and for the rest of the evening. Happy.

Anyway, so far today alcohol has been relatively out of my mind, but I felt a strong desire to purge my entire lunch. So, that’s a strike. Ah well. In the grand scheme of things, I consider one barf session is still much easier on my body than 8-9 drinks in a day. As long as I don’t make it “a thing”.

But man, is my temper ever short today. I’ve been sitting at my desk just scowling at my screen. Then an editor comes up to me wanting to discuss changing a layout in a part of a book, but had like, NO idea what he wanted to present to me, so I had to sit through his “uhh..well, umm, how about we, well, uhhhhh…”. He didn’t even bring me any sort of markup so that I had even a slight visual as to what he was trying to explain to me. Fucking HELL.

And I also just realized I forgot my workout clothes at home. Oh, how helpful. Fuuuuuuuuck.

On the bright side (ha!), while it’s rainy outside, it is in the mid-50’s and it feels AMAAAAZING.

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