Oh, Foreigner.

I love, love, LOVE that bubbly, excited feeling you get in the middle of your chest when you hear something really, really good.
There’s a part in that song “Feels Like The First Time” around the 2:38 mark where the tempo picks back up. It just sounds SO GOOD to my earballs.

The weather today is shiiiiiiiiiitty. I’m out of here in about a half hour and dammit, I’m wearing my nice, leather boots. Going to have to slog through all the snow and slush and then buff the crap out of them (and apologize profusely to them) when I get home.

Ah well. Back to Foreigner and boring work stuff.

About LilyQuits

I'm a mess.
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2 Responses to Oh, Foreigner.

  1. Alan Boyd says:

    Hi, may I ask, what is the best tip you can share about starting my own recovery blog?




    • LilyQuits says:

      Hi Alan!
      I guess I don’t really have any tips. But do check out WordPress. It’s quite easy to use, and there are a TON of other people with recovery/sobriety blogs on WordPress who are quite inspirational.
      Best of luck on your recovery!



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