I was just minding my business, feeling a little agitated (for no reason) but not really upset, I walked into the work kitchen and just out of nowhere I was hit with a horrible, sinking feeling in my stomach and *BAM* tears started flowing. Not straight-out sobs (I could have easily let it go there but I held it back) but I did have to go into the restroom for a few minutes to regain my composure.

WHAT brought that on? WHERE are these emotions coming from?

I’m not feeling particularly cheery today, but I’m overall not feeling totally in the dumps.

Just more of my *awesome*, sober personality shining on through.

How fucking miserable.

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I'm a mess.
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2 Responses to Sickness.

  1. thebongoroom says:

    Hey Lily! Hope you are hanging in there. I’m finding in this sobriety thing that it sometimes sucks as it gets better. I do hope you are well. Hugs and encouragement, Linda

    P.S holycrap Thanksgiving is on the near horizon and I’ll be venturing down stateside to eat carbs with the parents. This will greatly challenge my tenuous sobriety. 😣 Lets hope we both get through this first holiday relatively un scathed.

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  2. LilyQuits says:

    Hey, thanks Linda. 🙂
    I’m hanging in there. I haven’t yet managed a whole day of “better”, but I’ll get there eventually (hopefully).
    Yeah, I am sort of looking forward to, and sort of dreading Thanksgiving. Ughh, much travel. Much food! Luckily, my boyfriends’ parents don’t drink and there won’t even be any in the house to tempt me.


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