Go Me! (Sorta.)

Ah, back to Friday. Dangerous, unpredictable Friday.

I got off the train after work and got a coffee to drink on the walk home. I walked past a liquor store and told myself I wasn’t going to go in there. But I went in there. And I purchased a half pint of vodka.
“I’ll just keep it at home, just in case.” I tell myself. ‘Just in case’ what?! What reason would I ever NEED to have alcohol somewhere in the house?! And a half-pint? Who buys those, other than alkies?

Well, that was about two hours ago.

About five minutes ago I went into the kitchen, emptied out half a bottle of Vitamin Water and dumped the entire half-pint in there. I walked into the bedroom, paused for a few moments, turned around, went back to the kitchen and dumped the entire thing down the sink.

A waste of $6, but I can afford to pay $6 for another sober evening.


About LilyQuits

I'm a mess.
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4 Responses to Go Me! (Sorta.)

  1. thebongoroom says:

    Go Lily! That’s flexing some serious self control. 💪🏻💪🏻 Have a great weekend.

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