It Was an Expected Weekend.

Had a BLAST with my girlfriends over the weekend, but as figured, I did drink every day. Didn’t do anything stupid, nor was it like, a 24/7 binge weekend, but that was that.

Then had to drink Monday to get over Sunday’s hangover (so, so lame. Hate myself SO MUCH when I do that) then have been sober the past few days. And pretty much the reason behind that is me leaving all my cash and cards at home when I go to work.

Work…omg…work. I’m so slammed right now, where I could easily put in 15 hours/day and still be falling behind. Same thing happened last year with the big, stupid book. I am having so many issues with the lead editor and the analysts and omg I hate this project so much. What I want to do is leave, grab a pint of vodka and sit somewhere with a book and drink until I forget. Fortunately/unfortunately, that’s not an option. At least J knows this is a crazy-stressful time for me right now and so we’re pleasantly keeping the peace at home. Probably two more months of this shit until we publish. God, I seriously don’t know how I’m supposed to make it. Not to mention, I’ve been feeling all queasy and nauseous the past two days, and alt+tabbing between screens all day isn’t helping a bit.

But I can say “Right now I’m sober.” and “I don’t have to drink today.” and “I’m in control with my quit.”

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I'm a mess.
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