I’m really pink-clouding today. It’s nice. Really nice. I want to make sure to make note of it because I know not every day will be like this. I need reminders…LOTS of reminders to help me through the not-so-pink days.

I slept so wonderful last night. Woke up with a lot of energy this AM, work was…well, work, but nothing bad happened. I sat outside during lunch with a La Croix water and a book. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing…good stuff.

Now I’m home, chillin’ in the pjs, even though it’s only 5:45pm, just because. J is playing a vid game, and I’m reading SR, enjoying having the windows open for once, and looking forward to homemade barbacoa tacos for dinner in about 30 minutes.

A good day. And there will be many, many more of them, Lily. DON’T FORGET.

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I'm a mess.
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