I Didn’t Drink Yesterday.

And I intentionally left all my money at home today, so I don’t expect to drink today.

I slept wonderfully last night and woke up early, feeling fantastic. See!? This is insanity! I know very well drinking will do nothing but make me sick and fat and sad, but that stupid AV keeps creeping up.

I’m going to start timing my cravings and logging when and where and how long they last.

Oh, and last night was a total fun, chill night, anyway. I always crave on the walk home from the train but after I walked through the door at about 5:05pm, I felt TOTALLY FINE. Maybe a little restless at first, but DH made a wonderful dinner and we watched TV and read books and just had a nice time hanging around the house.

At one point I was sitting there going “OMG, there is SO MUCH I can do tonight, if I want!. If I was drinking, I would just sit there and stare mindlessly at the TV and probably get in a fight with J.” (I mean, I did spend a better part of the night staring at the TV, but whatever. One day at a time. Ha.)

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