Wednesday, 1:17 PM.

“Lose the Booze: the no-meetings guide to clearing up  your drinking problem, for good”

Man, how many books can one read, yet still can’t get anything through their thick skull?

It doesn’t help that it’s been soooooo slow at work this week. While I admit I am *AMAZINGLY LUCKY* to have such a good career, sometimes when there just isn’t a lot on my desk, I quickly wander to thoughts of booze. Because, come on, it DOES make things less boring for the time being. Granted, everything gets depressing and difficult after the fact and I hate myself just a little bit more each and every time I drink, but…yeah, booze + movie or Netflix…most worthless rabbit hole of all time.

God, I’m tired. Zzzz.

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I'm a mess.
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