Friday Morning

FRIDAY. Used to be *THE* best day of the week. Buy a pint of vodka from a 7-Eleven during lunch, pour a bit into a Vitamin Water Zero and have a couple sips before the end of the work day. Sneak out of the office a bit early and oh man, it was ON until Sunday night!

Well, things have changed a bit since then.

Tonight I have a hair appointment right after work. That takes me out of my “comfort zone” of going right home, leaving my AV little time to try to convince me to pick up some booze. But tonight I’ll be walking past a ton of shops to and from the salon. Lots of opportunities ahead of me this evening.

Part of me REALLY wants a good, sober weekend. Another part of me is saying, “Oh, just one more weekend. Clean it up next weekend.” This is really, really tiring.

About LilyQuits

I'm a mess.
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