Well…Hello Again, Blogging.

It’s been a while. Like, a looooong while. Back when vanity blogs were popular in like, the early 2000’s, I got such a kick out of learning how to hand code HTML and create my own website with my own domain and all of that. Then LiveJournal became a thing and I was HOOKED. That did a decent job sucking up about 10 years of my life, but man, I made a ton of (still!) friends and had a great time.
Then Facebook came about, and LJ kind of died. While I like me some FB, I do miss quite a bit about LJ.

Anyway. So yeah, I guess I was a “late bloomer” when it came to my drinking. I didn’t really start drinking until I was maybe 19, and I was 20 the first time I got drunk. Honestly, I think I knew the first time I had a drink I knew it was going to be trouble down the line, but “Fuck it! I’m 19! I’m invincible! I’ll deal with it when the time comes!” By the time I was 29 I knew I was an alcoholic.
And now I’m in my 30’s and I’ve been actively trying to QUIT for like, a year now. Sure, I have my daily-drinking periods where I tell myself “Ew. Maybe next week I’ll quit.” and then I’ll get like, 4-7 days sober, then I figure I deserve a reward for not drinking so I reward myself by drinking.

So, so, sooooo dumb. Seriously. But that’s how an alcoholic’s brain works.

Anyway. Today is day 3. Woooh. Friday. I wish I left my card and cash at home before I left for work today. Then I’d have zero temptation to stop on the way home, but nope. They’re in my purse. So as long as I can get off the train and walk straight home, I know I’ll be good the second I walk in the door.

Omg, I thought I’d have nothing to say but I just brain-barfed all over this page.

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I'm a mess.
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